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[20040427] I have a NetBSD blog now that I intend to update frequently. (Sorry, no RSS and stuff for now :)

[20040329] Some german-language reasoning on the SCO mess. (from a friend)

[20040102] Did a NetBSD booth and a netbsd status report talk at the 20th Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin.

Also added the Toshiba Satellite 2430-201 to my NetBSD on Toshiba Notebooks pages' download page and updated the list of tested machines a bit.

[20031111] Doing a NetBSD t-shirt!

[20031106] Documentation on how to get the VPN setup of the University of Regensburg (which uses a Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator) going with NetBSD and the Open Source "vpnc" driver. Convers NetBSD and also Linux.

[20030711] Helped setup and staff a *BSD booth at the Linuxtag 2003 in Karlsruhe, Germany. See reports in german and english language.

[20030528] My personal NetBSD Roadmap updated.

[20030525] 8-CD-Set with NetSBD1 1.6.1 and many binary pkgs for i386 crafted.

[20030317] mp3s of the presentations for CLT5 are now online. Presto, here's your NetBSD Roadshow-o-Matic: slides (pdf), presentation (mp3)

[20030303] I haven't publishes a lot here as I didn't really do many funny things on NetBSD here recently (or maybe I just forgot to mention them? Seems so, as I also did a booth at 19C3, and I was in Japan, and ...). Sorry! ;)

Last weekend I was at the 5th Chemnitz Linuxtag, and here is my report on it.

[20021119] Article about NetBSD at the EuroBSDCon 2002

[20021016] Finished an old article: ``Cross-Development with NetBSD - Using NetBSD's new toolchain to develop for an embedded device'', for DaemonNews.

[20020926] My presentation from the Linuxday Luxembourg: ``NetBSD - An Operating System (not only) for Clusters and Embedded Applications''. See also my other presentation and paper titled ``Reaching the Goal with the Regensburg Marathon-Cluster - A NetBSD Cluster Project''. Also setup and ran a NetBSD booth.

I sent a little report to the netbsd-advocacy list, here are some pictures:

[20020612] Report on the BSD booth I helped setup and run at the Karlsruhe LinuxTag 2002.

[20020410] After doing pkgsrc bulk builds for almost three years, here's some a graph displaying broken/unpackaged packages over time. Note the low number of broken pkgs during release times. :) Also, note that "broken" packages included pkgs that have their dependencies not built upto about 1.5, which explains the higher number of broken pkgs then.

[20020310] Material from the 4th Chemnitz Linux-day: "Migration to IPv6" presentation slides, slideshow from the demo machine (preview, archive), report, pic of the booth

[20020304] Made a title page for printing Federico Lupi's NetBSD Guide

[20020209] GIMP'ed an image after groo came up with the slogan "The Pub Never Closes On NetBSD", and wrote a three-part article mini-series for Daemonnews giving a tour through the NetBSD source tree

[20020131] Presentation "NetBSD in 2001" at the Spring Meeting (Frühjahrsfachgespräch) 2002 of the German Unix User Group (GUUG): Handout (HTML), Slides (PDF)

[20020101] Coming home from new year's party at 4am, sober and not feeling tired i felt it was time to do a NetBSD in 2001 report. Here it is, to be published by DaemonNews.

[20011109] I made an "IPv6 ready" image with a dancing dæmon. This will get to and be displayed (only!) when connected via IPv6.

[20011003] Finished uploadding a sgimips snapshot, now get back to banging on the boot loader

[20010922] Finished an article on Testdriving -current for DaemonNews. There's also one about Running named in a chroot on NetBSD 1.5.x.

[20010920] I have reworked some old texts (Networking FAQ, and the tow IPv6/6to4 articles that can also be found on into Federico Lupi's NetBSD guide.

[20010816] Playing with xmms, I made a (Net)BSD skin from one of the skins displaying a penguin. I like the color scheme, but a penguin on my desktop? No. Drop the .zip file into ~/.xmms/Skins to install.

[20010702] Just in time for the 1.5.1 release, I got the share/man0 code fixed, and I now have manpages in PostScript and PDF ready for download

[20010531] I'm getting bored updating a bazillion link collections. Check my publications for what I've done in the last few weeks, including a cluster of 45 machines running NetBSD (of course! :-), an Introduction to IPv6, and a few other things.

[20010301] Got asked by the "Linuxtag" folks to put together a summary on BSD. Here (and here ;). is the result. German and english language available. German and english language available.

[20010228] First public release of my NetBSD based disk cloning and deployment system, g4u.

[20010211] Made a 6to4 package that helps getting IPv6 going using 6to4 automatic tunneling.

[20010207] Over the last few weeks, the i386 bulk builds that I do did get down to ~10 broken packages (out of ~1800 packages altogether). I took this as a reason to make a 2-CD-set with binary packages for 1.5/i386 available for download. Files: README, i386pkg1.iso, i386pkg2.iso. Nice to see people's interrest in this. Even before this was announced it got some 40 concurrent downloads of the images only, after the announce it went as high as 150 concurrent downloads when I looked; Again, of the two images only - there were 50-100 other downloads taking place at the same time. One week after the images were uploaded, we had more than 330 downloads. Whee!

Update: Wasabi decided to sell CDs based on my images in their Wasabi NetBSD 1.5 CD, Package Release. Be sure to check out the press release!

[20010119] Todd pointed me at this old mail that mentions that NetBSD is actually being used in the International Space Station (more details on the machine are here). The system was assembled with NetBSD 1.2.1 in 1998 and launched (literally :-) in 2000. Planned lifetime: 10 years. Can someone give me a shell so I can check the uptime? ;-)

[20001225] Adapt driver for Accton EN2242 (ADM985 compatible) from NetBSD PR 10869 to both NetBSD-current as of Dec 24th 2000 and NetBSD 1.5. This adds support for the builtin ethernet card of the Toshiba Satellite 35D.

[20001216] Updated my IPv6 page, which contains information not only of interrest for NetBSD.

[20001215] Article 6to4 IPv6 Explained, or: Flogging a Dead Horse. For DaemonNews.

[20001214] Announced working plex86 with NetBSD as second supported platform.

[20001213] Article Interview with Todd Vierling, release engineer or the NetBSD 1.5 release. For DaemonNews.

[20001210] German language translation of NetBSD 1.5 announce.

[20001122] Wrote an article on "What's New and Exciting in NetBSD 1.5" for the December 2000 issue of DaemonNews.

[20001116] Drafted a NetBSD 1.5 announce

[20000920] Tell the world (DN) that NetBSD supports Mini-PCI out of the box.

[20000912] Add a "make iso-image" target to etc/Makefile (rev. 1.161) that can be used after a "make release" in src and xsrc to create a ISO image in $RELEASEDIR/installation/cdrom.

[20000910]] Adding and announcing "NetBSD Code Changes" RSS/XML file, see NetBSD RSS page.

[20000716] Some thoughts about What makes an Operating System "Portable", also available in DVI, PDF, PS; Written for DaemonNews.

[20000715] Make pre-announcement for progress on the NetBSD port to Sega's Dreamcast game console. [Hardware Info]

[20000630] Update the NetBSD ICBM WhereTo a bit.

[20000630] Issuing official announcement for NetBSD/sgimips port.

[20000525] Update article written together with Manuel Bouyer about Ext2fs Rev. 1 for DaemonNews to including introduction and overview of ext2fs.

[20000509] Created central build database for package builds, making it possible to spot broken packages.

[20000428] Updated the article about the procfs hole and how it was fixed to include an introduction, explaining what procfs is. Requested by DaemonNews, and available in their May 2000 issue.

[20000319] Some banners made with gimp for Freshmeat and others. See here for the ones I like best.

[20000318] German translation of Charles Hannum's "". (Version 1: Deutsch, Englisch)

[20000316] See NetBSD in Action

[20000302] Offering digested NetBSD news in Rich Site Summary format for both general NetBSD news and packages related news. See the NetBSD RSS-page.

[20000301] Working on the NetBSD Packages Collection, including doing bulk builds.

[20000218] A Frame Maker HowTo, no longer in the official NetBSD documentation tree

[20000213] Some snapshots of the BSD-daemon and other images.

[20000206] NetBSD slogans, now in the NetBSD repository

[20000203] Article about Wildcards in the NetBSD Packages System

[19991211] 1000 reasons why NetBSD rules and Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD don't.

[19991210] Also by JF Lehmanns, my NetBSD 1.4.1 2-CD-set containing NetBSD 1.4.1 with binaries for all platforms, full sources and a LOT of binary packages for NetBSD/i386.

[19991115] Some advertising for the Lehmanns y2k Unix Calendar, in which NetBSD got mentioned some times.

[19991113] Evaluating NetBSD on Toshiba computers

[19991014] Instructions on how to boot NetBSD from Windows NT's bootloader

[19990916] Keeping some NetBSD-machines alive:
  • smaug: Sun SparcStation 5 running NetBSD/sparc.
  • yui: PIII-500 w/ 384MB RAM running NetBSD/i386.
  • miyu: P133 running NetBSD/i386 V1.4. My home machine.
  • rfhs8012: Sun SPARC 10/41, my Sun at home.
  • nc: DNARD Shark, bedside machine at home.

I have some other machines (i386, sparc, arm32, amiga) that I use occasionally, but don't particularly care to keep alive (uptime! :).

[19990422] Protocol of the NetBSD-meeting at the 3rd Amiga-Meeting in Karlsruhe (plus conclusion in german language)

[19981223] Maintaining the FTP-archive of the NetBSD/amiga-port.
After several years of service to numerous Amiga users (and some other users of Motorola-based NetBSD ports), this archive is now superceded by the NetBSD Packages Collection, although numerous handy tools can only be found in this archive.

[19980811] JM's long-lost postcard indicating early traces of NetBSD/amiga, and an even older dmesg-output of probably the first NetBSD/amiga kernel with ethernet support (made at the #amigager meeting in Bielefeld); I got two DAT drives borrowed from some people there to make copies of the sources brought. :)

[19961222] The "Beginner's Guide to TCP/IP Networking and Networking-FAQ", also available in several non-HTML forms.

[19960502] (Sort of) maintaining EasyInstall, two shell-scripts to help system-administrators maintain their software. Next release will probably run under Solaris and also feature a CGI-script to display a list of installed software via WWW. Click here to download the latest version (V1.5b1).

[19960411] The NetBSD/amiga FAQ, also available in several non-HTML version.

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