Commercial Licenses for g4u

g4u is available without fees for private users and non-military/related commericial users. Please contact me if you want to use g4u in an environment related to commercial (re)sale, military, weapon research and manufacturing and similar! The following commercial license are available:
g4u Express:
g4u Express is the ideal product for companies who enter the field of harddisk image cloning without paying licenses for each machine. g4u Express includes a license to use g4u on up to 5 machines,

Price: $90 US / 60 EUR (not for military/related use)
inquire (for (re)sale and military/related use)

g4u Technical Support:
A support contract is available to help with use of g4u. This does not include development of g4u or any parts of the underlying operating system (including drivers).

Please ask me for rates.

g4u Custom Edition:
Custom versions of g4u can be made to a limited extent. Please ask me for rates.
Preferred method of paymend are bank transfer, cheque or Paypal where the latter would lead to additional 5% costs for Paypal. Credit card payment is only possible via Paypal. Please contact me for further details!

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