The "NetBSD/amiga Beginner's Guide to TCP/IP Networking and Networking-FAQ", 2nd Edition

After quite some time, I've had the time to make an update on the Networking FAQ to reflect the chances made in NetBSD V1.2. The second edition contains lots of smaller enhancements, as well as sections on the following topic:

The FAQ is available from in the directory /pub/NetBSD-Amiga/docs/Networking-FAQ. Available versions are:

The HTML-version is also reachable via WWW:

This should be enough versions to fit everyone's needs. ;-) If someone wants to recreate the above versions from scratch, the Makefile, a self-written script and (enhanced :-) texi2html have also been put onto the FTP-Server. A simple "make all" should rebuild everything.

Please email any comments, etc. to

Regensburg, December 22nd, 1996

Hubert Feyrer <>