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How to boot NetBSD using WinNT's bootloader

To boot NetBSD using Windows NT's bootloader, you need a 512Byte bootblock in a file (, see links below), plus a note in the boot.ini file:
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
c:\"NetBSD (harddisk 0)"
c:\"NetBSD (harddisk 1)"
c:\"NetBSD (harddisk 2)"
The bootblocks are created with "dd if=/dev/rsd0a count=1 size=512". Please note that if you don't have NetBSD on your first disk, you'll have to recompile the bootblock and install it, before you can do that command (with differenc /dev-file, of course. (For the recompiling you need some minor tweaking in /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/boot, but I can't remember what).

WARRANTY: No warranty. The above worked for me, I can't guarantee if it will help you. If you have updates I can merge them in, but be aware that I can't help you much beyond that, as I'm not a PC or Windows guru!

For those who need it, I also do have a copy of here.
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